Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips is another contribution from the Mahak Group in introducing new concepts to the Indian population. These strips primarily provide freshness and help you do away with bad breath instantly. Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips are developed with the unique Orally Disintegrating Strip (ODS) technology and the strips dissolve in your mouth instantly making it a stress-free consumption.

The primary ingredients are pullulan, carrageenan, carobbean gum, sucralose, menthol, mannitol, glycerol, cupric gluconate, fast green fcf, purified water. Flavours are also a major ingredient.

Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips help you to get rid of mouth odour instantly.

This ultimately helps you in maintaining your oral hygiene. These strips are to be placed on the tongue and they get easily dissolved. No need to chew or swallow or even dispose. Another highlight is that the strips contain zero sugar and are vegetarian which makes it edible for diabetics and also for anyone and everyone respectively.

The packaging is handy and comes in pretty cassette cases which makes is easy to handle, store and carry. Due to availability of multiple pack sizes, it is easy to choose the pack of your choice as per requirements. These strips provide instant icy cool freshness anytime, anywhere.

Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips are now available in two flavours viz. Spearmint and Cool Mint, more flavours to be launched soon. The available pack sizes are 3, 7, 16, and 24 strips respectively.

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