Our strips are made using Orally Disintegrating Strip Technology , So how can you get the maximum benefit from this unique product?

Choose a pack​

You can get Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips in pack sizes of 3, 7, 18, and 24 strips. Pick the one that suits your needs best.

Take a strip​

Remove one strip from your pack of choice. You may be tempted to take two since they are so thin, but you only need one.​

Place on tongue

For best results, place the strip directly on your tongue and keep it there. Don’t try to chew or swallow.

Let it dissolve

The strip will begin to dissolve instantly and give you fresh breath in seconds. Have as many as you want in a day and stay fresh always.​

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What gives Mountain Breeze the cool edge?


Kills Bad Breath

Eliminates 99.9% bad breath and gives you a mouthful of freshness

Instant Freshness

Begins work in seconds. No need to hold your breath for fresh breath

Dissolves Completely

Made with Orally Disintegrating Technology that melts in your mouth​

Zero Sugar

Our fresh breath strips are completely sugar-free

100% Vegetarian

Our strips are made wholly with vegetarian ingredients

Anytime, Anywhere

Small, easy to carry packets that fit easily in your pockets

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