Harsh Nutricare Pvt. Ltd., a part of the well-known business house Mahak Group, is the manufacturer and marketer of Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips.

Mahak Group has successfully launched several FMCG products like Choc On Chocolates, Jelly Belly, Woosh Detergent & Dishwash, and Up n Up energy shots. With due consideration to the rising demand for creative products from the ever increasing consumer population in India, Harsh Nutricare Pvt. Ltd. has brought forward this unique oral hygiene product, Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips, fresh breath strips that immediately dissolve when placed on the tongue.

Conforming to international standards, their production facilities contain state-of-the-art technologies to manufacture the highest quality products.

«Mountain Breeze is cementing its place in the market as a strong brand under the capable leadership of Mr. Yogesh Jain, who possesses more than 25 years of expertise in the FMCG industry. While their first manufacturing units were set up at Hyderabad and Haryana, the increasing market demand has led them to open new units in locations across the country.»

  • Unique Product
    Dissolves instantly in your mouth.
  • Experience
    More than 25 years of expertise
  • Quality Products
    We manufacture the highest quality products
  • Multiple units
    Manufacturing units locations across the country

Don’t chew, don’t swallow. Bas jabaan pe daalo, taazi saans paa lo.


What our clients say

I used to chew gum all the time, especially while travelling, but after I was done, I had to worry about where to dispose of it. This was a huge hassle for me. After I started using Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips, no more worries! I get instant fresh breath with no waste product. The Spearmint flavour is really refreshing, I carry a packet in my pocket all the time.

by Nidhi Shetty – Spearmint

It’s hard to stay cool in the bumper to bumper traffic in the city. But with Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips in my pocket, I feel relaxed and confident. It dissolves in seconds, and I can have a strip while waiting for the signal to turn green. The blast of icy freshness from the Cool Mint flavour really makes my day!

by Ajay Ghadshi – Cool Mint