Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips are a paper like looking small strips which are developed using the innovative Orally Disintegrating Strip (ODS) technology which allows the strip to immediately dissolve the moment it is placed on the tongue.

It requires no chewing and no swallowing. These strips are fortified with menthol and contain various ingredients which provide instant icy cool freshness and help you get rid of bad breath the moment you get a hint of it. The strips contain no sugar; can be consumed by diabetics also. Additionally, they are 100% vegetarian which makes is edible for anyone and everyone

Mountain Breeze fresh breath strips is the newest and a promising entrant in the mouth freshener industry launched by Harsh Nutricare Pvt Ltd. from the Mahak Group.

The Mahak Group, New Delhi.

The group under its flagship umbrella has successful FMCG products like Chaini Chaini, Mahak Pan Masala, Choc On Chocolates, Jelly Belly, Woosh Detergent & Dishwash, Up n Up energy shots, Nicostrip and Gastrip. The multi-faceted business house is always trying to get something innovative concepts and products in the market, the fresh breath strips are another contribution to the market and the Indian population. The manufacturing units for Mountain Breeze are already set and functional in Hyderabad and Kundli (Haryana). The group is already setting up additional units in different parts of the country so that the market demand can be met.

Feel the Breeze

Mountain Breeze is aptly concentrating all its efforts towards creating and building a strong brand under the visionary guidance of Mr. Yogesh Jain, who has an expertise of 25 years in FMCG industry. With the company’s state-of-art machineries and experienced personnel in manufacturing processes, the various products are recognized and certified from various institutes with regards to international standards. The brand has certificate of export from various countries like Dubai, UAE etc. Mountain Breeze has been certified with FSSAI certificate and fits into all international standards.

The fresh breath strips are one of the fastest accepted mouth refreshing solutions. People find it easy to consume, are happy with the results and benefits they provide. These strips come in handy packs with multiple pack sizes which occupy less space, making it easy to choose and purchase as per requirements. The strips help is maintaining oral hygiene by masking mouth odour within seconds. Fresh breath strips help in breathing deeper and fresher than ever before by delivering freshness in seconds.

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